HCCA Century Plaque Program
Request a Plaque
HCCA Century Plaque Program

The Century Plaque Program
Honoring historical vehicles
(Program Founded 2003)


Request a Plaque

     Because the request process to obtain a plaque is simple and inexpensive, the initiative to honor a vehicle can be taken by anyone for any vehicle (whether it is part of a private or public collection) -

To obtain a 1 5/8" by 2 3/4" brass plaque, the following information and items -

  • Year,
  • Make,
  • Model,
  • Body style,
  • Serial # (Motor and or Body),
  • Owner name and address,
  • Owner Contact Information (Email, Phone #)
  • (Optional) Picture of the vehicle (photo or digital image)
  • (Optional) Known Vehicle History / Story (Past owners and
  • Payment of $5.00 processing fee
    (since program is self-funded, checks need to be payable to Carl Pate not HCCA).

Completed information should be sent to:
Carlton Pate
26 Washington St.
Rocky Hill, NJ 08553