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To communicate with HCCA Regional Groups and Affiliated Registries, the HCCA Office reaches out to the local HCCA organizations with an "electronic publication" called the HCCA National News.

  • Frequency - The releases will be issued at least bi-monthly to keep organizations informed of important issues, current information, reminders and answers to common questions.

  • Issue Size – Each communication will be no more than one page long.

  • Release - Each release will be emailed from the HCCA Office to the current contacts for HCCA Regional Groups, Affiliated Registries, and others on the distribution list.

  • Issue Number – Each release will be issued a sequence number consisting of the issue date and a sequence number for the calendar year. The sequence number allows all recipients to determine if they got each issue and to track if any are missing.
    i.e. Issue: 2013-02-26 #01 … Release issued 2/26/2013 and it was the first one issued in 2013.

  • Storage - Besides sending issues electronically to contacts on a distribution list, copies of current and past issues are listed below … Any member can view an issue by click on the heading "More Information" of the issue desired. By viewing an issue you are able to read and or save the PDF file to your PC.


2015-03-16 #03 2015 Convention, New Officers, Newsletters, Century Plaque Program, HCCA Brochures
2015-02-04 #02 New HCCA Brochure - Join Us
2015-01-08 #01 2015 Election Results, New Director Training, Communication, Member Dev, HCCA Brochure
2014-12-22 #11 Election, Phone #, 2015 Convention, Holiday New Year
2014-11-10 #10 Marian Welch, Publication Awards, Roster, 2015 Convention, Pamphlet
2014-10-24 #09 Welch Nominees, 2015 Convention, Auction, Century Plaques
2014-09-19 #08 Tax Status, Web Site, Hershey Auction, Election, 2015 National Conv
2014-08-22 #07 HCCA Mail, Tool Box, Tour Library, HCCA Auction, Election, Roster
2014-07-18 #06 HCCA Brochure, Nat New Copies, Tool Library, HCCA Auction, Elections
2014-06-30 #05 HCCA Org, Awards Program, Member Involvement, Help, Tools Lib
2014-05-30 #04 Recognition, Brochures, Teaching, Century Plaques, Humor
2014-04-15 #03 Member Inf, Tour Library, Awards, 2015 Convention Plans
2014-03-17 #02 Member Roster, Irish Tour, 2014 Nat Conv, Awards
2014-02-28 #01 2014 HCCA National Officers & Committees
2013-12-18 #11 Directors Election, HCCA Mail, Thanks to Readers, Year End
2013-11-25 #10 Ballots, Office Notes, Member Dev, 2014 Convention
2013-10-21 #09 Awards, Tips, Fall Meet, Voting, 2014 Convention
2013-09-02 #08 Inf, Tips, Fall Meet, 2014 Voting Ballots & Renewals
2013-08-03 #07 Reflection and Remembrance
2013-07-15 #06 Awards, Members, Woman Drivers, Quiz
2013-06-17 #05 HCCA Office Chg, General News & Inf
2013-05-27 #4 Awards, Contact Inf., Education, Help Find
2013-04-15 #03 New Quick Read Format, General News / Inf
2013-03-25 #02 HCCA National News / New Communication
2013-02-26 #01 New Officers, Board Members & Committees