Hung Over for the Third Year in a Row!

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Hung Over for the Third Year in a Row!

Post by oldcarfudd » Fri Oct 17, 2014 12:55 pm

The Hershey Hangover is becoming quite a tradition. Jointly sponsored by the HCCA Susquehanna Valley RG and the AACA Snappers, it offers a day and a half (all day Sunday, and Monday through lunch) of touring following the big Saturday car show. Because people come to Hershey from all over the world, we typically have lots of riders in our back seats. Among our guest participants were an Australian couple, an Englishman, an Irishman, and several people from west of the Mississippi. The international flavor extended to the cars, since we had two Rolls-Royces. On Sunday my passengers were Steve Hammatt from Washington State - many of you know him as the webmaster of the Brass Buicks and Early Cadillacs Yahoo groups - and his best man from decades ago, George Hight from Des Moines, an aficionado of new(er) Alfa Romeos, who was taking his first ride ever in a horseless carriage. On Monday, until I had a Failure To Proceed, my passenger was Jude Connellan from Ireland, who'd helped run the recent Irish tour.

Again the host hotel was the Lantern Lodge, about 25 miles east of the show field with a full bar, good food, ample trailer parking, and easy access to benign touring roads. By late afternoon beverages were being savored and stories - even a few true ones! - were being told. Most folks stayed at the hotel to eat.

After Saturday morning's rain for the start of the car show, we were all overjoyed to awaken Sunday to a picture-perfect touring day. The leaves were changing color, but it was COLD! Layers were in order. The morning's destination was the collection of the late John Rich. It could rival the Nethercutt, but it's hidden away in the little country burg of Frackville, 1000 feet higher than the host hotel. There were some long 10% grades - think second gear going up and smoking brakes coming back. The heirs have agreed to continue to maintain and even expand the collection. Here are a few pictures to make you wish you'd been there.
This Oldsmobile Limited is totally original except for the tires.
Behind the American Underslung is a small unrestored Stanley; behind that is a National that's positively garGANTuan.
A car doesn't have to be brass-era to be drop-dead gorgeous - - -
- - - but it sure can't hurt!
Every collection should have a Bugatti.
We trundled 6 miles down the road to a fine Italian buffet, and then came down out of the rarified mountain air to the Golden Age Air Museum, that features flyable (and flown!) airplanes from the World War I era through about 1930. A Waco biplane sold lots of rides, we saw a Jenny fly, we were treated to Good Humor ice cream treats right out of a restored Good Humor truck, and we were all in good humor indeed. I got to chatting with a retired professional aviator, and we discovered we'd both been taught to fly by the same instructor over half a century ago. Here's a bit of eye candy:
A beautiful day, a Sliver Ghost, free Good Humor ice cream - what's not to like!
This little Monocoupe's radial engine was made by Velie - yup, THAT Velie!
The start of a fine Gazette photo - John Meyer poses Andy Wallace's Packard with a World War I Jenny
Here's a Sopwith - a Pup, alas, not a Camel - for Snoopy to fly - - -
- - - and a Fokker triplane for the Red Baron to chase him with!
My brakes were in open rebellion by the time we arrived at the airport, so I did a bit of wrenching before driving the last 10 miles to the Lantern Lodge. I was much better off than tourmaster Bob Ladd, whose Chalmers-Detroit had a Failure To Proceed, and Herb Singe, Jr., whose Pierce-Arrow also had one. Herb was lucky not to have it happen on the Irish tour - a broken Pierce-Arrow in rural Ireland would be a non-trivially expensive inconvenience.

After an excellent catered buffet dinner, Horseless Carriage Gazette editor John C. (for Charles - who knew?) Meyer III was the featured speaker. He told stories of his early days as editor (the Gazette was the only respectable publication of the outfit that printed it in the pre-Meyer years - all its other clients were pornographers) and of being entertained by the cream of English old-car society on his first trip to the Brighton Run on a VERY meager budget.
John Meyer at the other end of the camera.
I'd love to regale you with stories of Monday's tour to The Amish Experience - theater, homestead and family-style lunch - but, alas, my car didn't get that far. Maybe someone whose car stayed healthy will post here and tell us about the day - I'd like to hear about it, too!

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Re: Hung Over for the Third Year in a Row!

Post by FullerMetz » Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:55 am

Thank you GFtE for a wonderful report and excellent photos!
Next year, I expect you to cover all days completely. No "fail to proceed" and missing part of the tour.
Just as long as you go and enjoy!

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