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Pate Swap Meet

Posted: Mon Jul 11, 2016 9:06 am
by Sam Romeo
My name is Sam Romeo. I'm in charge of advertising for the Pate Swap Meet ( - starts the last Thursday of April every year at The Texas Motor Speedway). This past meet we sold right at 9000 Vendor spaces, placing Pate up close to Hersey in vendor spaces. My goal is to increase the presence of pre war vendors (both with used and new parts). My question to all of you who will reply to this post is this - what would it take to get prewar vendors motivated to vend at Pate? I can add new parts vendors names to my advertising in our webpage and also in my display adds in marque magazines produced by the Model T, Model A, HCCA and other clubs. Our registrar has agreed to set aside several hundred spaces in one of the new sections we have laid out in the past two years if I can get enough interest in the next few months to warrant it or she can mix them in a much larger existing block already containing a lot of Model A vendors. And suggestions, ideas or comments on what it would take to entice pre war vendors come and participate?