Century Plaques
Request a Plaque

HCCA Century Plaque Program
(Program Founded 2003)

     Because the request process to obtain a plaque is simple and inexpensive, the initiative to honor a vehicle can be taken by anyone for any vehicle (whether it is part of a private or public collection) -

   To obtain a 1 5/8" by 2 3/4" brass plaque, the following information and items must be submitted to Carl Pate, coordinator of the Program:

  1. Year,
  2. Make,
  3. Model,
  4. Body style,
  5. Serial # (Motor and or Body),
  6. Owner name and address,
  7. Owner Contact Information (Email, Phone #)
  8. (Optional) Picture of the vehicle (photo or digital image)
  9. (Optional) Known Vehicle History / Story (Past owners and
  10. Payment of $5.00 processing fee
    Since the plaque program is self funded, payments for processing fee can be by cash or check payable in US funds to "Carl Pate" (not payable to HCCA)

Completed information should be sent to:
Carlton Pate
26 Washington St
Rocky Hill, NJ, 08553