Tracy Lesher
Gazette Editor

Tracy Lesher, HCCA Gazette Editor

     I have been the editor of our local Susquehanna Valley Region's newsletter Sassy Brass and worked to maintain our club's website for the past five years. I take great pride in saying that our newsletter and website are HCCA Award winning publications - two years in a row.

     I also take great pride in saying that I was born into an antique car family. My parents, John and Janet Ricketts brought my younger brother and me up in the hobby. They started with Corvettes. As they got older so did their preference for antique cars. In 1992, during my junior year in high school their interest in brass era cars began to take hold with the purchase of a dilapidated 1913 Buick Model 31 out of mid-Texas. It must have been peer pressure because a few of their car friends were also owners of 1913-14 Buicks. My parents became HCCA members at this time and wanted to participate on Reliability Tours. That meant this rust-free pile of neglected history needed serious work.

     Partly because I blew-off my curfew by 15 minutes my father "volunteered" me to do the prep work on the wooden body. Notice the quotation marks around volunteered; Dad was looking for free labor. Those three weeks in the garage with my father made for some terrific memories. The Buick was named Molly and became part of our family.

     During high school and college, we were Reliability Tour participants. I learned how to drive a 1912 Hudson in Houghton Lake, Michigan and went through a McDonald's drive-thru in a Model T Speedster in Louisville, Kentucky. I completed my bachelor's degree in special education in 1997. In 1999, my mother became the first female National President of the AACA. My parents took great pride in bringing Molly the 1913 Buick to the school where I taught in Florida. This is about the time my relationship with Molly was temporarily broken up. My father decided he needed a 1914 Buick with electric start. So Molly was sold to a good friend, but we had right of first refusal.

     Fast forward. I met my future husband Jeff on my thirtieth birthday. At this time, Jeff had recently purchased a 1915 Overland. Jeff and I have many fond memories of touring in the Overland before we were married, as newlyweds and as young parents struggling to install infant car seats in the back of 100-year-old vehicles. We are blessed to be able to pass this love of brass era cars to our boys, Augie (11) and Jack (8). As fate would have it, Molly, the Buick is back in our family. There is nothing this family loves to do more than driving our 1913 Buick and 1915 Overland.

     I am deeply honored to be your Horseless Carriage Gazette Editor. Every Horseless Carriage Club of America member has a great story to tell. I am ready to listen to your ideas and input. I am looking forward to touring with you, receiving your materials, seeing your pictures, and learning from you our membership.

     Please feel free to contact me . I cannot do this job without your support.