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(HCCSC or more popularly, SoCal)

     As the Horseless Carriage Club was founded in Los Angeles in ’37, we consider SoCal to be the mother region of the Horseless Carriage Club of America. The name SoCal has become something of a misnomer as other regions have also become situated in the southern half of the state. SoCal is situated mostly in the Los Angeles basin and Los Angeles County, which occupies a 4,084 square mile area. Half of that is good touring from zero feet sea level to over 6,000 feet of elevation. And nearly every road is paved. Pasadena seems to become our unofficial base city.

     The “Mediterranean” climate allows SoCal members, and their visiting Snowbird friends, to tour year round. The last snow fell in Los Angeles in 1949, and virtually no rain falls between mid March and late November. A weeklong tour could probably be planned five years in advance.  The SoCal “Winter Touring Season” begins with a three day joint event on Halloween Weekend and ends with a three day tour into neighboring Ventura County for some seaside and rural, hilly touring in late March. In between are regularly scheduled events and impromptu “Gumball” type, mostly half day, tours.

     A winter highpoint is the club’s Holiday Motor Excursion that brings out as many as 200 cars the Sunday after Christmas.  There are 108 SoCal members. A cursory study indicates that, of the 66 members listing their cars in the national roster, that the average number of pre-16 cars per member is about four. A result of this density is that SoCal can field an all Pre-16 event at any time.


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