Officers, Board Members & Committees

2017 HCCA Board of Directors

(Photo by Heidi Singe using Herb Singe`s camera)

Front Row: Steve Cook, Bob Ladd, Chris Paulson, Carl Pate
Middle row, left Side: Skip Carpenter
Back Row: Jay Simpson, Steve Rinaldo, Keene Brewer, Don Plumb, Herb Singe, John Littlefield

Meet Your
National Officers

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National Officers
Chris Paulsen -
to contact
127 N. Charles St
Mc Pherson, KS, 67460-4401
(316) 648-7887
Vice President:
Bob Ladd -
to contact
640 Zinns Mill Rd
Lebanon, PA, 17042-9708
(717) 273-7090
Steve Cook -
to contact
18747 Oak Way Drive
Hudson, FL 34667
(508) 259-4053
Don Plumb -
to contact
3119 Douglas Dr
Lake Oswego, OR, 97035-3550
(503) 635-4627
Chairman of the Board:
Carlton Pate -
watch my video
to contact
26 Washington St
Rocky Hill, NJ 08553
(860) 633-2052
National Directors
Keene Brewer -
to contact
13306 Occidental Rd.
Yakima, WA 98903-9768
(509) 965-1740
Skip Carpenter -
to contact
265 Boylston St.
Shrewsbury, MA 01545-1921
(508) 842-8250
Alex Huppe` -
to contact
750 N Tamiani Trail Unit 1508
Sarasota FL, 34236
(207) 249-8592
John Littlefield -
to contact
963 Auburn St.
Bridgewater, MA, 02034-3413
Bruce MacMillian -
to contact
8 South Winds Dr.
Essex, CT, 06426-1200
(860) 510-8318
Steve Rinaldo -
to contact
3331 Woodsfield Dr. NE
Marietta, GA, 30062-5358
(770) 5760251
Don Rising -
to contact
76 Treaty Elm Ln
Stow, MA 01775-1358
(978) 897-2466
Jay Simpson -
to contact
9813 Caitlins Ct.
Ellicott City MD 21042
(410) 499-2456
Herb Singe -
to contact
1290 Central Ave.
Hillside, NJ 07205-2615
(908) 868-4006
Ralph Tolman -
to contact
1152 Wilmington Island Rd.
Savannah, GA 31410-4509
(912) 313-0598
2017 Function Groups and
Committee Assignments:
  1. Finance - Steve Cook / Chairperson
    Ways and Means - Don Rising, Steve Cook
    Investment Committee - Bruce MacMillian, Alex Huppe`, Steve Cook, Don Plumb
    Revenue (Advertisement / Other) Steve Renaldo, Steve Cook
  2. Activities - Ron Rising / Chairperson
    2018 National Convention / Annual Meeting - Bob Ladd
    2018 Board Nominations - Don Plumb or Chris Paulsen, Ralph Tolman, Skip Carpenter
    National Tours - Don Rising, Herb Singe Jr, John Littlefield, Steve Rinaldo
    Hershey Tent - Bob Ladd, Jay Simpson, Steve Cook, 
    Jerry Chase

    Education - Bob Ladd, Chair
    Public Education - Ralph Tolman, Bob Ladd
    HCEI Liaison - Don Rising
    HC Foundation Library Liaison - John Littlefield

    Merchandising - John Littlefield
    East John Littlefield, Jay Simpson, Ralph Tolman, Karl Darby,  
    Sharon Gooding (Executive Secretary)

    West Don Plumb, Keene Brewer

  3. Regional Groups and Registries - Alex Huppe'
    New Member Development - John Littlefield, Chris Paulsen, Herb Singe Jr, Don Plumb
    Communication / Relationship / Support - Alex Huppe`, Bob Ladd
    Publications / Newsletters and Web Sites - Alex Huppe`, Don Plumb, Steve Cook,

    Award Programs - Alex Huppe`,
    Gil Klecan

  4. Communication - Bob Ladd
    Horseless Carriage Gazette - Alex Huppe', Don Plumb, Keene Brewer,
    Marilyn Balduff, Alan Clendenen, Sharon Gooding, Chris Gorman, Cathy Gunther, Tom Gunther, Wynn Harter, Dikk Jones, Janis Jones, Bob Knaak, Red Ladner, John Manifor, Robert Ricewasser, Bobbie'dine Rodda, Larry Smith, Michael Sullivan, Robb Stewart

    Non-Gazette Publications (HCCA National News / email notices) - Bob Ladd,
    Herb Singe Jr, Steve Cook
    Publicity & Advertising - Bob Ladd, Alex Huppe`

    Internet/Website - Steve Cook, Chris Paulsen, Jay Simpson, 
    Brad Balduff (Webmaster)

  5. Governance - Skip Carpenter
    By Laws/Director`s Handbook - Herb Singe Jr
    Parliamentarian - Skip Carpenter
    Insurance - Carl Pate, Herb Singe Jr, Ralph Tolman
    Office Oversight / Conference Calls- Bob Ladd, Chris Paulsen, Jay Simpson

    Sharon Gooding (Executive Secretary)

    Historian - Herb Singe Jr
  6. Long Range Planning - Carl Pate, Chris Paulsen, Bob Ladd, Skip Carpenter, Steve Cook, Don Plumb

Future Board Meetings:

Monday April 9, 2018, at 6:30 pm, Yosemite, CA - Tenaya Lodge


HCCA Board Associates
- They do not vote

HCCA Contractor
- These individuals provide a service to the HCCA National Office,
  Magazine and Website