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thought might be of interest.
July 7, 2018
Burkittsville, Maryland 1-day Tour
Burkittsville MD
Host - , (202) 297-1855Join us for our impromptu run around Frederick County
Slower cars welcome --- high-wheelers, early solid rubber tire trucks, one-cylinder under 20-mph top speed cars join us for fun touring
We do a run for the faster cars and a more Kindly and shorter tour for the smaller/older cars
July 8 - 11, 2018
The Journey through Time Tour
John Day OR
Host - , (503) 244-6661Sponsored by - Portland Regional Group
Join us and tour through a special part of Oregon for our 2018 Annual Tour. A completely new location for our Club in our 53 years of antique car tours
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July 15 - 21, 2018
E-M-F Outing 2018: A Plain and Fancy Tour
Walnut Creek OH
Host - , Sponsored by - E-M-F Registry
Come join us in celebrating the 110th anniversary of the E-M-F Company on this outing in charming Amish country. E-M-F Outing 2018: A Plain and Fancy Tour will feature five days of relaxed touring in the rolling countryside of rural Ohio, with interesting stops and great hospitality
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July 29 - August 3, 2018
The Pocono Tour
Bartonsville PA
Host - , (973) 222-3321Andy Wallace (201) 919-2193
Sponsored by - Southern Ontario & North Jersey Regions
Join us for this weeklong tour of the beautiful Pocono Mountains and the Delaware Water Gap Region
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August 5-10, 2018
Circle Nebraska Tour
Host - , (316) 648-7887Gary Paulsen (620) 755-4730
Sponsored by - Great Plains Brass Touring Register
 August 20-24, 2018
Blue Water Ramble National Reliability Tour
Geneva NY
Host - , (585) 703-2669Host - , (717) 582-3209
Ladies & Gentlemen : Start your engines & join us for the excitement, the fun, the HCCA National Reliability Tour
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September 6-7, 2018
Lansing to Dearborn Run (Michigan)
Lansing MI
Host - , (734) 467-7802Host - , (231) 301-0890
The South Michigan Motorists Chapter of the HCCA and the Snapper`s Brass & Gas Touring Region of the AACA invite you to participate in the 36th running of the Lansing to Dearborn Run. This run will feature uncongested country roads, good food, and a relaxed atmosphere. It is scheduled to precede the Old Car Festival at The Henry Ford
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September 10-14, 2018
Coastal Byways Tour
Coos Bay OR
Host - , (541) 267-3967Sponsored by - Skagit/Snohomish Regional Group
Join us for our 21st Annual Fall Gathering
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September 23 - 28, 2018
Harvest Tour
Plymouth CA
Host - Joe & Rae Anino (916) 635-0486Aaron & Kris Benzow (209) 296-3826
Sponsored by - El Dorado Regional Group
This promises to be a great tour in the Sierra Foothills We will be going to Silver lake, Coloma, Leonie Meadows, La Contenta and more. Join us

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  September 26-29, 2018
2018 Red Flag Horseless Carriage Motor Tour
Mount Pleasant IA
Host - , Hosted by - Red Flag Horseless Carriage Motor Tour
Join us & bring a bit of Olde England to Iowa. The 7th annual Red Flag Horseless Carriage Tour is a 3-day event for any 1 or 2 cylinder gas, steam or electron antique vehicle including motorcycles up to 1915 and any vehicle with more than 2 cylinders made up to 1927. We visit new areas of Iowa each year with the final day reaching the Red Flag Emancipation Run from New London to Brighton, Iowa
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October 7, 2018
Pre-Hershey Get Together at Herb Singe`s Museum
Hillside NJ
Host - , (908) 289-7905Prep for the Hershey Swap Meet with fellow brass-era auto enthusiasts at Herb Singe`s
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  October 9-13, 2018
Hershey Time : AACA National Fall Meet
Hershey PA
Visit HCCA at Booth RWO 30
Don`t forget he BBQ at noon on Friday
October 9, 2018
HCCA Board of Directors` Meeting
Hershey PA
Host - , (717) 273-7090Join fellow HCCA members for the HCCA Board meeting and see how your Club is run
February 15-21, 2019
HCCA National Convention 2019
Tampa FL
Host - , (508) 259-4053Join fellow HCCA Shipmates for a 7 day adventure (or more if you want) starting in Tampa FL, then 5 days at sea and 1 more day on land
Visit the Convention`s Website
July 21 through July 26 2019
Southern Ontario & North Jersey Annual Tour
Kingston Ontario, CA
Host - , Join us for great Touring at our Annual Tour in Ontario Canada
 August 30 - September 6, 2019
HCCA International-National Invitational Tour for pre-1916 vehicles
Bathurst NSW, Australia
Host - , 61-422-219-911Sponsored by - South Eastern Australian Regional Group
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