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3 Arthur E. Twohy Pen Signed Letters On Early HCCA Letterheads, Plus Extras

Click photo for MORE Photos

This collection of Arthur E. Twohy Pen Signed Letters includes:
  • 1, one page letter
  • 2, two page typewritten letters
  • 1, Envelope from Arthur E. Twohy

All from Arthur E. Twohy, HCCA founder and first president, to Robert Howe of Sioux City, Iowa, an early HCCA member, dated between September 1938 and May 1939. Mr. Howe`s handwritten reply, in pencil, is on the back of two of the letters. Interesting content on early automotive literature.   Also included is:

  • 1938 envelope mailed from Twohy Lumber Co. (torn)
  • 2, 1939 HCCA flyers
  • 2, 1940 HCCA postcards
  • 2, 1940 newspaper clippings
  • 1, undated magazine clipping
all of these were apparently sent from Mr. Twohy to Mr. Howe and offered at $200 for all, postpaid within the United States.   Please call between 10am and 6pm EST

Contact: Anthony Bongiovanni
   Rocky POint, NY,
Bleriot Self Generating Headlamp

Click photo for MORE Photos

Early self generating Bleriot.  Can either be used as a single center lamp or double. Very large

Dimensions are 12 3/4 inch high by 8 1/2 inch wide and 11 1/2 inch deep with a 6 inch wide mounting fork

No visible age cracks, has some copper brass separation and areas of waviness in the brass

100% complete and only $5,500 OBO delivered

   Redding, CT,
Two (2) Speedster Seats Available

Click photo for MORE Photos

Building a Speedster or Special and tired of the silly and cheap looking new seats available?

Here are two original dandies:

  • No. 1 has enough original leather remaining to be used with a patinated new build
    Seat #1 Sold in a Day on ... don`t let #2 escape you
  • No. 2 has no septum, better for the wide bottomed, and has been glued some with modern epoxy

Neither will sound like tin, fiberglass, or linoleum when tapped with your finger

Give your build a real period seat.

Make seat #2 yours for only $250

   Owego, New York,
Pierce Solar 1088 Head Lights and Other Brass Items

Click photo for MORE Photos

  • 3 Pierce Arrow Solar 1088 Head Lights, 2 are left sides and 1 is a right side. Included are: 2 glass reflectors, 2 new aluminum spinnings for the front reflectors, 1 original
    $2,000 plus shipping
  • Pair of Pierce Solar 935C side lights and 2 835 left side lights $1,200 plus shipping
  • Pierce Solar 1132 left side light $300
  • Adams Westlake tail light with extra Pierce mounting bracket. $350.00
  • Solar 805D tail light $300
  • Corcoran tail light $250
  • Solar 805 body $100

All plus shipping

  • Large multi-twist Rubes horn professionally restored $650 plus shipping
  • Pair of Solar 833C side lights professionally restored $1,800 plus shipping (Offers Considered)
  • Please email for additional photos and information

   Redwood City, California,
Hershey Hangover - Odds and Ends for Sale

Click photo for MORE Photos

  1. Kellogg Tire Pump (lead photo) - Four Cylinder Model 34 in very nice condition. Turns smoothly and has good compression. 425 plus shipping
  2. Packard Trippe Light - Nice Original in good condition. Includes mounting bracket. Use as is or will need cosmetic restoration for a high point show car. 1,350 plus shipping
  3. Schebler Carburetor - Model R - Needs rebuilding $100 plus shipping
  4. Peerless Coilbox - Completely stripped except for the side latches and Peerless label on lid. Wood is in fair condition. 35 plus shipping
  5. Cutout - 2 & 3/4 in. diameter. Very good condition - 125 plus shipping
Please inquire with questions and for additional photos
   Smyrna, GA,
Lambert Floor Mat

Click photo for MORE Photos

I have 1912 Lambert touring car. I found an original floor mat and had a mold made. we poured 4 reproduction mats in off white like the original

Do to the cost of the mold and limited production the price is $700 per mat, free shipping

The size is 28" x 36" and 1/4" thick to be cut to size to fit other years with right hand drive

Only 3 available

   N. Tonawanda, NY,
1922 Autocar truck engine type XXI  UF or UG

Click photo to enlarge

This two cylinder Autocar truck engine turns over a ways and includes:

  • Has the lifters
  • Top assembly isn`t seated
  • No manifolds or ignition
  • Crankcase and cyls look good
  • No visible cracks
  • Believe to be 5 x 5 but not sure

Exact application unknown, may fit several makes. $1,250

   Cheyenne, WY,
Saxon Mfg Co. Headlights

Click photo for MORE Photos

Restored Saxon Mfg Co. Headights. These great looking lamps have been nickel plated by Classic Metal Restorations. Lights are 10" wide by 7 1/2 " deep.

  • Original lenses
  • New mirrors
  • Original burners

1913 Overland used this headlight but other makes may have used this Saxon model as well.

  • Asking $1,850 plus shipping & insurance

Sold on 10-25-2017

   Shaftsbury, VT,
1913 Chalmers 4cyl engine, complete with clutch, transmission, manifolds, carburetor, fan and magneto

I have had this engine in storage for almost 60 years. Everything looks good, no obvious damage or cracks

The previous owner was an early aircraft and automobile pioneer. After he passed away I was able to buy the Chalmers engine, an early radial airplane engine and a 1923 Hudson

I wish I had known him. I would need some help establishing a value for this engine.

Pictures are available by text or email Contact me for more details

All Sold in a Day on 09-27-2017

   Marquette, MI,
Weston Mott housing possibly from a 1911 or 12 Hudson

Click photo to enlarge

I believe this housing is out of a Weston Mott, possibly from a 1911 or 1912 Hudson

  • The backing plates are sheet steel
  • The braking rods go from backing plate to hogs head
  • Appears to be in the 13-18 range of years but may be earlier
  • #151254 and #151255 part numbers cast inside the hogs head
  • Full floating in excellent condition no axles or hogs head

Has the letter H with a C imposed over it cast into the metal. If you recognize it, please let me know so I can better represent it

Offered at $300 or best offer

   Greensboro, NC,
Direct Enclosed Transport By HCCA Member

Click photo to enlarge

I`m an HCCA, MTFCA, MTFCI, & AACA Member who takes pride hauling your car!

Direct enclosed transport from pick up to drop off

Running or rolling vehicles - spare parts ride for free (subject to space availability).

Serving the lower 48 states year round (subject to weather & road conditions)

Load & unload by wireless remote controlled electric winch - your vehicle is never driven

My 32 foot enclosed, 8,000 pound capacity trailer includes an 8 foot rear door clearance

Check my Customer Feedback or just call Jim for your next great haul

   Chandler, AZ,
Buick Model 16 & 17 steering gear

Click photo to enlarge

This steering gear and plates came out of a Buick Model 17

It has the original 1:1 ratio. This is the same as the Model 16 steering box, and I think a few more models, but not positive which ones

I will be getting at least 1 new complete set at a 2:1 ratio. Is there anyone out there that would like a 2:1 ratio set also?

I have more pictures and dimensions if you are unsure if it is the same as your car ... Just call or send an email. I should have pricing options within a couple days

   Bouckville, NY,
Brass Carburetors For Sale

Click photo for MORE Photos

4 brass band Schebler Carbs and 1 Bennett model WS 1 1/4

$150.00 each plus postage

Email me for more info or pictures

Sold on 9-27-2017

   Harbor City , CA,
Early Atwood Rectangular Carbide Generator

Click photo for MORE Photos

This early Atwood model 40 rectangular carbide generator is in excellent original condition.

Very straight. No cracks.

approx dimensions

  • 6" side to side
  • 9-1/2" top to bottom
  • 5-1/2" front to rear

Available for only $2,600 + shipping

   Northbrook, IL,
Set of 4 new 34 X 4 1/2 WW tires

Click photo for MORE Photos

These 4, new, 34 X 4 1/2 WW tires have Never been mounted

The set cost about $,1300 new, will sacrifice for $900 plus shipping

   Valley, NE,
1906-1910 Buick Model F Engine

Click photo to enlarge

This 1906-1910 Buick Model F Engine includes the Oiler and Carb

It`s in Excellent Original Condition

Offered at $7,800.00

Can be delivered to Hershey

   Woodbury, CT,
REO Parts

Click photo for MORE Photos

  • 2 cylinder rear axel $250
  • 1911 rear doors $100 each
  • 4 cylinder radiator $200

I also have REO 2 Cylinder crank case patterns. $6,000 invested will sell for $1,200

Any questions call Steve Bono, These items can be delivered to Hershey`s  Auto Car Show in October

   Bouckville, NY,
Original Barn Find 1906 Stoddard Dayton Limousine Body

Click photo to enlarge

This Body was found in the attic of a Chicago carriage house


  1. Original paint
  2. Original interior
  3. Has both rear doors
  4. Last known license plate from 1917
  5. Original chauffeur umbrella
  6. front and rear convertible bows of another Stoddard in very good condition
Body is solid with no rot, original paint and rear seat cushions intact

Car is located in Chicago. Offered at $7,000

   Chicago, IL,
Brass And More Brass

Click photo for MORE Photos

Take a look at these gyms that need a great new home:
  • Solar M724
  • Locomobile radiator cap/cup & tail light, coil box
  • E&J lights
  • More Solar & Solar side lights
  • Non Pareil horn
  • Castle tail light model 100f
  • Phare Universal headlight
  • Gray & Davis 104 side lights
  • Gray & Davis 3 tier side lights
  • Solar tail parts light
  • Solar 712 generator
  • Ford T radiator cap & jump seats
  • Gray & Davis plate
  • Buick plate, ignitors

Email for pictures and info. will sell individually or as a collection

Bank wire payment only. Ship to USA address only

   Heber Springs, AR,
Early Brass Rands Windshield

Click photo for MORE Photos

Early Brass Rands Windshield 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 41 1/2"

Rands was better than most in that the top tilted out or folded down

Next to mint condition

It`s professionally stripped and polished. No glass or channel.

Offered at $600

Sold on 10-26-2017

Contact: William Gularte
   Soledad, CA,
Rare Brass Radiators

Click photo for MORE Photos

Most are good to very good condition some are VGC plus. Here`s the measurements of each radiator that`s matched to the number.
  1. 19 1/4T, 22W, 5 1/4D
  2. 20 3/4T, 25W, 4 1/2D
  3. V- shape racing 26T, 25W, 8D
  4. 24T, 22W, 3 1/4D
  5. 29 1/2T, 27 3/4W, 5D
  6. 20 1/2T, 19 3/4W, 4D
  7. 29 1/4T, 23W, 4 3/4D
  8. 28T, 23 3/4W, 4 1/2D
  9. 26T, 26 1/4W, 4D Bottom 1905-09 Maxwell 22 3/4T, 21W, 4 1/2D

Contact me for more details

   Minden, NV,
Castle 1207 Head Lights for sale

Click photo for MORE Photos

These Castle headlights are good, unrestored lamps that I removed from one of my cars

I replaced them in order to have a "matched set of brass" on that particular car

I used them for many years and they are very presentable. They are perfect for a "driver car" and are sold "as is" with no guarantees or warranties

Don`t let these lights get away. You don`t see many brass lights ready to mount on your car and use without a good bit of work or restoration

The price is $1,400 for the pair plus shipping and handling

   Duncan, SC,
Four 26" Firestone rims and lock rings for sale. The inside of the rim is stamped "STD UNV Rim Co. 34 x 4 Columbus, Ohio"

They have been sand blasted and in primer. One lock ring will need a small bit of repair

Will only sell as a set

Delivery to Hershey could be arranged

Offered at $1,000 plus S & H.

Sold in days on 8-22-2017

   Coupeville, WA,
  • Crankcase #64019 crank & cam, timing gear, cover $1,200
  • Sump $500
  • Brake cross shaft #12056 $100
  • Magneto bracket #6821-6841 $30
  • Timing gear cover #6037 $150
  • Brake cross shaft frame bracket, shaft # 12056-1627A $200
  • Clutch throw out collar (original) $50
  • Clutch throw out collar (casting) $50
  • Crank case cover part #5042
  • Roadster steering column to firewall mount $200
  • Side light mounting brackets pair $150
  • Transmission gear $50
  • Advance/Retard & throttle gears un-identified years $50ea
  • Oil pump to magneto drive dog $50
Many other parts not listed. All prices are in US dollars
   Mudgee, NSW, Au,
  • Complete motor #34,580
  • Rough motor $1,500
  • ABB rear end & axles and crown wheel $1,500
  • ABB front end & spindles $800
  • Crank case upper #35,473
  • Crank case needs minor repair $500
  • Sump $500
  • Trans complete $1,500
  • Rdt frame heavily pitted $200
  • Cylinders $400ea
  • Heads, sandblasted & Tested $800 each
  • Motor #42401 with crank cam timing gears, cyl bore & heads (with stuck pistons) inlet and exhaust, oiler, water pump $1,500
  • Timkin rear housing only $300
  • Timkin crown wheel & pinion $500
  • Trans dis-assembled $1,000
  • Uni $350
  • Cylinders $400ea
  • Heads un-tested $400

   Mudgee, NSW, Au,
5 Buffalo Wire Wheels, Hubs, Caps, Drums, 7:00x 21. Use on any classic $3,800

Click photo for MORE Photos

5 Superb Buffalo knock off 21 x 7:00 wire wheels, hubs, brake drums,and hub caps with roller Lester tires ... All for $3,800

They have been IDed as from a 1926-27 Model 314 Cadillac and have Cadillac inserts in the hub caps

One car guy said they are Model C6 hubs for C6 wheels
Also make a superb set for a late 20s classic car like Auburn, Cadillac, Packard, Lincoln or Stutz

One member said they are correct for late 20s Rolls Royce also. Also great for late 20s race car or speedster

The hubs can be removed if desired. Then, use your hubs and mount the wheels on your car

We will not separate. Photos avail

Sold on 08-10-2017

   Ocala, Fla.,
Stutz 1929-34 Model M & SV head & camshaft. Nice! Photos avail. $3,800

Click photo for MORE Photos

Rare Stutz 1929-34 Model M and SV head and camshaft

From long time dry storage

Head complete minus two valve tappet tops at front of head

No cracks visible to the eye. $3,800

more photos avail. by email. Will assisting with shipping or delivery
No other Stutz parts

Sold in 2 weeks 08-25-2017

   Ocala, Fla.,
I have two grey and Davis, and one E&J brass antique car lamps. Asking $500 for all three. They are in great condition, Glass is all mint. The red and blue glass on the E&J one is also mint.
Contact: Kris A
   Fairhaven Massachusetts,
Pair Solar 41A sidelamps. Pair Rauch & Lang electric car sidelamps. Rauch & Lang script Amp/Volt meter. Pair Castle 231 sidelamps. Pair MAXWELL script #10 sidelamps. Pair Maxwell script #22 sidelamps. Pair Solar 935C sidelamps. Solar 832 left sidelamp. Adlake Xray tail lamp
   Northbrook IL,
1909-13 Brush fenders, set of four. Fair but restorable. $200 for all plus $50 for shrink wrapping and shipping. Photos avail. By email,just ask
   Ocala FL,
Gas tank for 1917 2nd Series Packard Twin Six
$450.00 FOB Canandaigua, NY
   Canandaigua NY,
Acorn shaped electric tail lamp marked Gray & Davis D5, believed to be from 1912 Cadillac. 3 3/4" diameter, all brass, round spike mount. Can send pictures and post worldwide.
   Danville CA,
Wooden box dash coil with switch on front marked Remy RD, nice shape, can send pictures and post worldwide.
   Danville CA,
* 3 used 28” Stanley (and others) clincher rims, some rust $150
* 2 Brand new, unused 875x105 metric clincher rims $400
* Plus shipping, photos available
   Alameda CA,
Nice original pair of cast premium crescent shaped Prest-O-Lite tank clip in type mounting brackets for 6" diameter B and E tanks, not the strap type, can send pictures and post worldwide.
   Danville CA,
Have (6) 36 x 4 (28") WW tires; brand new, never opened nos still in wrappers. 1,500.00. FOB West Chester Pa
   West Chester PA,
Three speed transmission, two large drums with an arm to engage direct drive. 7.25 dia. x 7.5 long on a 1.125 split shaft. (the front shaft goes up inside the rear shaft)
In very good condition.
$1,500 or best offer
Pictures available upon request
Contact: Allen Haywood
   Julian NC,
One set of Pasco wheel adapters off of a 1917 Maxwell, two wheel centers and one hubcap/wheel center. The rims rotted off of the wheels but the centers are good to rebuild. Pictures are available upon request.

$700 or best offer
   Julian NC,
Two 875 X 105 Rims In Primer, $450 for both plus shipping
   Alameda CA,
For sale 1910/11 six rivet clam shell rear axle housings for a Model T in good condition. $2800.
   Ray MI,
Pair chain drive Bulldog Mack Adlake oil side lamps, tail lamp, carbide headlamps. Pair Dietz Dainty brass bale side lamps and tail lamp. IHC highwheeler Heinze magneto. Pair 1908-11 Stevens Duryea oil side lamps and carbide headlamps.
   Northbrook IL,
Real nice Schebler Model D brass carb for sale. $175+ postage

Sold on

   Norwalk Ohio,
Set of (4) smooth black tires consist of (2) 30 x 3 and (2) 30 x 3 1/2 good condition (approx 50 miles) approx 15 years old but very pliable. $600 pick up only in Cincinnati, Ohio
   Glendale, OH,
1911 Overland engine. Refurbished in the 1950`s, tested and never used. Possibly 25 or 30 HP ... I am not sure. Asking $5,000
   Harvard MA,
Tour car blanket in good condition. Make offer.
   Milford Pa,
1932-39 Lincoln V12 Model K front and rear axles, 4 springs, torque tube. Just removed from car. Nice $1,200/all firm. Will bolt onto a Duesenberg repro frame. Lincoln K steering column & wheel complete and nice. $290 firm. Photos by email. No other K parts.
   Ocala Fla. ,
Brush transmission main case and tail housing raw castings. Price $450, plus shipping for a set.
Brush intake manifold raw casting. Price $75.
Patterns are currently at the foundry. Will produce one run only for those ordered now. Delivery in a couple of months. Order now if interested.
   Williston VT,
This is a Lincoln tire with a tube and brass stem and flap.It is good for a spare no leaks.Asking $75.00 plus shipping and handling
   Cincinnati OH,
1914-1930 carburetors and rims. Call. set of 4 1911 Firestone hubs $200, new old stock ring and pinions,1920 Chalmers, 1915-19 Paige, 1916 Auburn, 1925 GMC large truck. $195. Pair of 1925 Star rear wire wheel hubs $150. 1911 Maxwell Radiator used, Looks good $400. pictures on request.
   Graettinger IA,
White engine block, crank, rods with pistons & parts. Transmission gears and other parts. Not sure of the year. Can send photos. All for $800.00 obo
   St. Louis Park, MN,
I have a full matching set of lamps off a 1913 Hupmobile. Two CM Hall headlights, three Adlake "Hupmobile" scripted sidelights, one scripted "Hupmobile" tail light. All need restoring and are 100% correct from a Hupp 1913. Email for pictures
   Albury NSW Au,
Ring & Pinion sets `13-`22: 1913 Models 30-31: `14 & `15 B & C 36, 37 & 38: D-E-H & K `16-’22. $1850/set. Includes packing, shipping & ins. & certs for material, H/T & dimensions. Robe rail ends & bars `15-`25. Floor board thimbles `14-`25: AL-$30, Brass $35. Foot rest brackets `15-`20?
   Saginaw MI,
Cadillac single engine complete, `06 - `08 $4,800. Can deliver to Hershey.
Also have Cadillac lubricator, same years $950
   Stow, MA,
Brass Model T Ford Carburetor for sale. Show condition.
Will be at Hershey Space #RCA12
   Mialn MI,
Solarclipse model 1149s brass carbide headlamp. Pair original E&J 666 1911-12 Ford carbide headlamps
   Northbrook IL,
Rayfield #G-3 Brass Carburetor Excellent condition $250
Carter BB1, rebuilt $200
Bosch #DR4 Dual Magneto, rebuilt & never used $500
Exhaust Cut-Outs one 2" and one 2 1/4", both early very good condition $50. each
   Santa Cruz CA,
4 Houk wire wheels and hubs for sale in Hershey CM18-21. Wheels are rusty, but solid. 30 X 31/2. Hubs are possibly Overland.
   Rhinebeck NY,
For sale at Hersey spaces C4Z 15-20 Chocolate field north three sets of new Rushmore lamps made by Vintage Brass Works about 10 or 15 years ago.Never put on car still in boxes not polished.
1-very large set 11in rims 6 holes
1-large set 91/2 in rims 6 holes
1-smaller set 71/2rims 4 holes

   Warren NJ,
Four 23 inch Kelsey wheels, rims and bead rings. $750 for set.
Three 25 inch rims with rings. $150 each
Five 23 inch lock rings. $50 each
Will send pictures upon request
Can deliver to Hershey
   Williston VT,
Both are very, very good condition original radiators. 1915 Overland and a Ford model T that`s a brass aftermarket neat speedster design honeycomb core made back in the T days. I cant image better radiators that are not already on cars. Clean them up and drive
   Minden NV,
I am unable to attend this year`s Hershey Swap Meet. I’m making my spaces available
Spaces are RWO 20-23. Just down from the Horses Carriage Club tent
Contact: Grayl Turley
   Wichita KS,
Will be at Hershey, RCA 45, with Gray & Davis two tube "F" carbide generator, Phare Solar brass and copper spot light, Franklin Lion, Dietz, E& J, and Gray & Davis bullet side lights, Mason steam engines and Packard trunk.
   Wayne Maine,
Bosch ZR-4 2 spark magneto complete $2850; 56 tooth Stewart motorcycle speedometer road gear for 28" tire size $165; 4 cylinder Remy magneto distributor block $50; all brass angle mount 3" dash clock running $325; 2 cylinder Splitdorf coilbox $425; several early Bosch switches and magnetos.
   Danville CA,
Four different Packard Truck Information Books:
1) Packard Worm Drive Motor Trucks
2) Packard Motor Trucks Model D and E
3) Packard Motor Trucks Model E
4) Packard Motor Trucks Two, Three and Five Ton
All are in very good condition and appear to be 1915 and earlier. $100.00 each.
   Norton MA,
Set of 1911 AB fenders good for patterns. Can deliver to chickasha swap meet in March.$100.00 The model t coupelet patterns have been sold thanks.
   Owatonna MN,
Diesel rig pulling enclosed 24 foot extra tall trailer with room for smaller items both ways. Returning via Denver and Los Angeles to Seattle. Vehicle hauling space available between SoCal and PacNW. Special thanks to all my friends that have allowed me to assist in solving their haulage needs.
   Mount Vernon WA,
Brass carbide windshield mount spotlight w/rearview mirror.
Pair FLEETWOOD script drum electric headlamps. 1927 Chevrolet Quota Trophy mascot. 1929-31 LaSalle taillamp. SOLAR carbide generator. Michelin Man radiator cap mascot. Corcoran script brass carbide headlamp. Pair Gray Davis #10 sidelamps
   Northbrook IL,
1920`s – 30`s Dictograph limousine intercom. 100 mph Warner Autometer w/clock. Jones sweep hand 4\ speedometer w/clock. Pair Solar 41a sidelamps. Curved Dash Oldsmobile / Sears brass bulb horn. Old Sol carbide headlamp w/Presto Lite tank off early Indian / Harley Davidson motorcycle.
   Northbrook, IL,
I have an original 1903/04 Warner Auto-Meter. excellent condition, works. The only other one I`ve seen is on the Henry Ford museum website. Make Offer...
   Lancaster CA,
Pair of headlights for 3rd Series Packard Twin Six. 1918-1923
$475.00 FOB Canandaigua, NY.
Free delivery to my space at Hershey
e-mail for photos
Contact: Bill Boudway
   Canandaigua NY,
Bosch DU6, very nice condition, $175. Bosch magneto ignition switch, $100. Original, $175. + shipping from 44857. for info & pics, please email me. THANKS HCCA !

All Sold Quickly On Thanks

   Norwalk OH,
This new old stock set 12-57 ratio. It fits a 16 and 17 Chalmers, 1917
Velie, 1916 Liberty, and 1917 Liberty as well. It has surface rust. No Pits.$ 195.00
   Graettinger IA,
This new old stock, fits models 75 and 90, and has a ratio of 13-32, surface rust, $195.00
   Graettinger IA ,
All tagged with serial numbers
All six for $5,000 Or make offer
   Anderson CA,
I have one solarclipse headlight for sale. The brass has no stress cracks and some dents. It is missing the parabolic lens, feet, one hinge finial, the name plate, and burner. Overall condition is good. Mirror needs replating. Pictures available upon request. Open to offers
   Greensboro NC,
MFG. Date of April 4, 1911 on back tank ID plate. The core and shell are in near perfect condition, I can’t imagine a better original radiator that’s not on a highly restored truck or car. Previous owner put a Anderson car badge on it as that was his name, it can be easily removed. contact for info
   Minden, ,
Set of 4 Delco-Lovejoy Lever action shocks 1928-33 Cad -LaSalle and others. Sandblasted and painted black
Never damaged rusted or abused ( not restored but move free)
Set of 4. $500 included shipping to Canada or Lower 48 USA

   Baxter ON Ca,
2 or 3 left front fenders, $75 each, one pair rear fenders, $75 both, 2 deck lids $35 each. $250 for all.
All in good usable condition. Can delivery to Hershey in October. Pictures via email on request. 843-830-7375
   Charleston SC,
3 distributors, no cap, points, rotor, all turn freely. $30 each
Can deliver to Hershey, photos via email. 843-830-7375
   Charleston SC,
I am clearing out the remnants of my no rivet , 6 rivet and 12 clamshell recast differential housings .
About 15 years ago we did steel casting that we machined into reliable authentic looking housings . My patterns and parts are available to clear out this project.
Call if interested.

   Baxter Ontario Ca,
Pair of 25" clincher Standard brand rims, good solid not sharp, I do not have the rings or wood wheels just pair of rims $85. Pictures emailed on request.
Clincher can be filled if running straight side (Dunlop) tires is desired.
   Danville CA,
Heinze 2 cylinder magneto off IHC Autowagon & Autobuggy. Solar 728 left large bale side lamp. Solar 835c left square side lamp. Corcoran script large carbide headlamp
   Northbrook, IL,
Twl{2} Visor Glass Lense
   Rock Island IL,
This is the rare two horizontal tubes generator. Excellent original condition, ready to put on your Model F or G Buick or any other car you might have. $3,800

Sold on

   Wayne ME,
1918 Buick model E-Six 49 intake/exhaust manifold for sale $350.00 Pictures on request.
   Valley Center CA Un,
1926 Chevrolet Motor #481484. This is a good motor with good compression. It has been in dry storage since 1940`s. Can be shipped. Make it yours for $295
   Graettinger IA,
142 Horseless Carriage gazettes. Full sets from 1963-1984. Several individual magazines from 1987 and one from 1990. 3 rosters also available. $600 or best offer
   Bellaire MI,
Pair early Woods Electric Car side lamps. Good original condition.
   Northbrook IL,
This is a Superb original. Complete Horn. Approx 79" long
Also, pair E&J 376 headlamps off early IHC Highwheeler
   Northbrook IL,
Distributor Part # 409 HE Moulded Ingnition Parts. Top section of Distributor. $ 100.
Part # RR116A Bear Brand Electrical Parts mid section distrebutor for 31 cad v8 $75
set of 1933 California License plates $ 80
set of 1927 Californis License plates $ 100

   Sonoma, CA,
Original wood patterns from my 1915 coupelet. Not every piece but most of them. $100
   Owatonna Man,
142 Horseless Carriage Gazettes dating from 1962 to 1990. Roster editions also. $600 OBO
   Bellaire MI,
late 1903, 1904 Curved Dash radiator made by Pat Herrmann, still in wood shipping crate, never used, 2,500, plus shipping, to lower USA ONLY Day time calls only
Contact: Dave Kolzow
   Earlville IL,
Round 4" diameter aluminum switch with 3 push buttons, B OFF M markings, nice complete $285. Can post worldwide. Pictures available.
   Danville CA,