The Horseless Carriage Club
Santa Cruz Region's 2nd Annual Campout

June 1-3 2018

Tour Information

It's time again for our Horseless Carriage Club campout. We had such a fun time last year at Swanton that we have decided to return again this year for another event. This time, we will increase our stay to two nights!

Please join us for a BBQ and an old-time overnight campout in beautiful Swanton CA on the north Santa Cruz County seacoast. The campout is under trees along historic Big Creek at the location of the original hotel for commuters by stagecoach from Santa Cruz to San Francisco. Campers can join in for a campfire sing along with old time banjo and ukulele music performed by HCCA members. There will also be an optional hike up the river to the beautiful waterfalls on the creek.

The potluck BBQ portion is on SATURDAY from 2:00pm to 4:30pm and will be open to all HCCA members with Pre-WWII cars. Attendees may arrive at any time Saturday to spend the day.

The campout itself will be limited to Pre-1932 automobiles.


  • For insurance purposes -membership in the national HCCA is required for all drivers - no exceptions. Non-members can be a passenger or join the HCCA. New member special is still in effect and only costs $19.15 for the first year.
  • Vintage camp equipment is required. No modern equipment is allowed. Do your best! If you need help, ask!
  • Pre - 1932 cars only for the CAMPOUT. Pre WWII cars only for SATURDAY attendees.
  • An attempt at wearing vintage clothing should be made by everyone- IE: Overalls, wool pants with suspenders or breeches, boots, plaid shirts, skirts and cotton blouses, funny hats. Again, do your best.
  • No modern electronics please. Cell phones for emergencies only please. Note that reception is very poor to non-existent in any case.
  • Bathroom facilities limited to porta-potties. Vintage Coleman lanterns and antique flashlights recommended for nighttime visits. It gets very dark in the canyon.
  • No firearms or fireworks or hard drinking. No open fires except for a communal fire pit. Participants are expected to behave and to respect the private property, so that events like this can happen in the future at this site.
  • No pets allowed in respect for livestock and the possibility of attracting wild animals.
  • Space is limited. Registration is closed after May 1st 2018.


  • Friday – optional breakfast tour to the Davenport Roadhouse. Campers will meet at Todd's at 9:30 and leave Santa Cruz and drive together to brunch at 10AM and then continue to camp. Campers and Saturday only potluck attendees are both welcome at the brunch **BUT YOU MUST RSVP** so I can give them a head count – see signup sheet. One bill for entire group – bring cash!
  • Friday- Full event ticket holders will begin arriving at camp to set up. You can come at your own leisure or after the brunch. Directions to the location will be sent by email to registered participants. There is no scheduled dinner and you will have to bring your own.
  • Saturday morning –Breakfast is on your own in camp. If you do not have any camp stoves, be ready to make a deal with your neighbor!
  • Saturday – Non campers who are attending the potluck will have a group tour up the coast that is leaving from the Capitola car show at 9am– join them for a group tour to the location. Sam Gurnee will be the leader. If you do not wish to follow this tour, directions will be provided to you by email and you may come at any time.
  • Saturday potluck – begins at 2:00. Please bring something to share. Ticket includes a generous portion of skirt steak from the Freedom Meat Locker and drinks. We will need side dishes, salads and desserts.
  • Sunday morning – Breakfast will be served (for overnight campers only) in camp. Sourdough pancakes cooked on site by Ken McCrary. Campers will depart on their own schedule.