2015 Holiday Motor Excursion


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December 27, 2015

2015 Holiday Motor Excursion

(Special thanks to Marilyn Balduff for sharing her videos from
the Excursion and writing a recap of this year`s Excursion)

The 2015 Holiday Motor Excursion was the 60th year anniversary of this event. It started this year on a clear sunny California morning at the Irwindale Speedway in Irwindale, California.

When the gates opened at 7:00 am, the line of cars waiting to enter drove quickly through the gates and into the show. Cars were driven in to be shown and also were occupied by spectators. A whopping number of seven hundred and fifty cars entered.

Cars were parked in rows by the era of the car. There was a row of horseless carriages, a row of 1920s cars, a row of Model A Fords, a row for 1940s and 1950s cars and a row for hotrods. There were even displays of pedal cars and early motorcycles.

At about 9:30 am, a driver’s meeting was called. Peter Eastwood talked about the Holiday Motor Excursion and gave drivers instructions for the day’s tour. All pre 1932 cars were eligible to go and over one hundred and forty cars went touring.

The cars were driven to the park in Sierra Madre where donuts, coffee and good conversation was served. It was a great place to view the cars arriving and then talk to their owners.

The cars then left the park and traveled to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. There some of the floats for the New Year’s Parade were being given their final flowers. The cars drove all around the Rose Bowl and up a narrow, windy road to the old Colorado bridge. This bridge is a historical monument and very scenic.

Next the cars toured through Old Pasadena. This is an area of restored old buildings that now houses great restaurants and shopping places. The cars created a beautiful sight as they drove past the crowds of people and were much admired.

South Pasadena was the next destination. There the cars drove past beautiful historic mansions all decorated for Christmas. This is a very pretty area and the cars just looked outstanding being driven past these wonderful old homes.

Lunch was served at the Clearman’s Boat. This restaurant has been the lunch place for many Horseless Carriage Holiday Motor Excursions. The cars parked in the parking lot provided a mini car show for the many people that saw them and came to look.

Finally as it this wasn’t enough, dessert was served in San Marino at one of the Southern California Region’s member’s home. His collection of cars, musical instruments and popcorn wagon are always fun to look at.

Many thanks to Kenny King, organizer and all of the members of the Southern California Region of the Horseless Carriage Club for making this a very fun day for a whole lot of people.