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Holiday Motor Excursion
December 31, 2016

2014 Lansing to Dearborn Run

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Holiday Motor Excursion
December 31, 2016

(Special thanks to Marilyn Balduff
for providing us with these great pictures and a recap of the Excursion)

    In California rain is very valuable. Rain on an old car show and tour is more challenging. Welcome to the 61st annual Holiday Motor Excursion. It rained and cars and people still showed up. It was amazing!

    This year we had a new venue for our car show, the Santa Anita racetrack parking area. This turned out to be a great area for parking our cars both to display and for the spectators. We had over three hundred forty cars pass through our gate and over one hundred went on display. One spectator, Stan Howe,that brought his friend's Model T came all the way from Montana. All eras of cars were represented. We had brass horseless carriages in the wet weather. These cars were made to withstand all types of weather and they performed flawlessly. There were many more closed cars of the 1920's represented such as Model A Fords, Lincolns, Buicks, Nash, Rolls Royce, Exxex, Packard, etc. We also had cars from the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s on display.

    At 9:30 am, the cars that were built prior to 1932 went touring. The first stop was Michelinda Park. Here coffee, hot chocolate and donuts were served along with great conversation. The hardy then departed for the next stop of the tour, Galco's. At Galco's there motto is "freedom of choice". This means freedom to purchase soft drinks from more than just a handful of mass-produced, big-business selections. They have over seven hundred flavors of soda available for purchase. They also have a huge selection of candy from the 1940s and 1950s.

    The cars then proceeded toward Pasadena and over the Pasadena historic bridge. This very beautiful bridge is a landmark and the Holiday Motor Excursion cars go over it almost every year. Next the cars proceeded along the Pasadena Rose Parade tour route. It was two days before the parade, however the parade's spectators were already camped along the sidewalk in the rain to get the best viewing spots. We waved to them and it was a lot of fun watching them wave back.

    Lunch was at our traditional lunch stop, Clearman's Galley. Here great hamburgers, hot dogs and hot coffee were consumed with enthusiasm. Our cars that were parked in the restaurant's parking drew many admirers even in the rain.

    The last stop on our tour was the traditional dessert stop at one of our member's home. Here we were treated to a viewing of the many cars that he has on display as well as tasting the delicious desserts that our members had brought to share.

    A large thank you goes to Peter Eastwood, Wes and Susan Buck, Robb Stewart and all of the members from the Southern California Region of the Horseless Carriage Club that did so much work to make this event a success.

   For more from this So. Cal tradition, check out this YouTube video by USAutos98 Watch on YouTube