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E-M-F 2016 An Outing in Lake Country
August 10-16, 2016

2016 E-M-F Company Outing


E-M-F 2016
An Outing in Lake Country

Special thanks to Kathy and Daryl Kemerer & John Smith for sharing photos
and a recap of great Brass-Era touring

     The seventh revival of the E-M-F Company Outing by the E-M-F Registry took place in Orillia, Ontario Canada. This, our first international tour, was hosted by John and Susan Smith with the outstanding support of Southern Ontario HCCA members. The tour provided the splendor of the Canadian countryside and lakeshore drives with visits to picturesque Ontario towns and hamlets. The tour book documented the well-planned week of touring and events, and provided directions and photographs of E-M-F and related automobiles. In addition, extensive notes of historical interest written by Tim Spencer were also included.

The Cars

    There were seventeen participating cars, including numerous E-M-Fs and several Flanders 20 models. Two predecessors to the E-M-F production, a Northern and a Wayne joined the tour. Also, two brass-era Studebakers (post E-M-F production) participated as well as a few other brass-era marques driven by the host committee.

    Of special interest were two Tudhope cars which may be described as cousins of the E-M-F marque. To explain, shortly after the E-M-F Company began production, Everitt and Metzger left the company and formed the Metzger Motor Car Company to produce the Everitt automobile in Detroit. The Tudhope Carriage Company in Orillia, Ontario gained rights to manufacture the Canadian version of the Everitt, calling it the Tudhope. To be in the very city for our Outing where these two Tudhope cars were built and driven on our tour, was a historical moment in time for the E-M-F Registry.


    Much could be written about the museums, car collections, and events of the tour -- reluctantly only a few are noted here.

* Visits to two ships in Lake Country were outstanding. The lunch cruise aboard the restored R.M.S. Segwun on Lake Muskoka gave us a good view of the beautiful homes on the shore as well as experiencing the coal-fired steamer in action. The second ship, the S.S. Keewatin, went into service in 1908 in Georgian Bay and Lake Superior. Now a floating museum, we toured throughout the ship learning about the majesty the 288 berth ship offered passengers in the early twentieth century

* Betty and Joe Swann made an interesting presentation of their most recent cross-country trip in their 1912 E-M-F touring car. They detailed many of their experiences using power point and amusing back-and-forth banter. Their trip, covering thousands of miles, attests to the veracity that the E-M-F can get them anywhere and back again. Their feat was truly amazing and their presentation reflected their dedication to brass-era touring

* A Devon Tea and a concert at St. James Episcopal Church in Orillia proved to be an unusual respite from days of driving. Opening the concert were the Smith's grandchildren playing the piano, including leading the audience in "She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain in an E-M-F." The program continued with original compositions, classical and ragtime music to the delight of all in attendance.

* An historical surprise was provided by Lee Wolff and Bob Atkinson when they appeared with the miniature E-M-F. This one-third scale miniature E-M-F was originally built in 1910 and featured in a postcard of that time. Lee Wolff acquired this car in parts and Bob restored it in time for the 2016 E-M-F Outing. For several days Lee and Bob displayed the mini E-M-F, and left us shaking our heads in amazement at the craftsmanship of the builders.

* The closing barbeque at Lake Couchiching Beach Park, with a sing-along and dinner music of early twentieth century selections performed by Peter Voisey and his musical friends, provided a fitting closing to our Outing in Lake Country.

The Future

    What bodes for the future of E-M-F Registry Outings? With the high level of success of the Outing in Orillia, several observations seem clear. The affability of the participants and the involvement of youth in our Outing makes our future seems bright.

    John Smith's grandchildren not only performed in the concert, but also rode in his E-M-F roadster daily on tour. Two grandsons of Alan and Beverly Gunderson rode in their E-M-F touring car throughout the tour. Most importantly, nineteen year-old Jennifer Gorel, who restored her own Plymouth Road Runner (including painting), drove her father's E-M-F on several days of the tour.

    Although the next E-M-F Company Outing in 2018 has yet to be determined, the future looks Even More Fantastic for our Registry and the touring hobby!

Daryl & Kathy Kemerer