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Great Plains Brass Touring Registry Fall 2017 Tour
October 20-22, 2017 Tour Builder

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Special thanks to Kimberly and Verne Shirk for sharing their pictures and a recap of the Tour

The 2017 Fall Tour of the HCCA - Great Plains Brass Touring Registry was headquartered at Enid, Oklahoma, on October 20-22.  Tour Chairs, Tom and Dawna Ruggles, from Wichita, Kansas, planned plenty of interesting stops for us to enjoy during the three days we were there. 

The first day featured a tour around Enid.  It started off with a visit to a local collector’s museum that housed a rare 1918 Geronimo car.  This is thought to be the only remaining Geronimo car.  It was built in Enid from 1917-1920.  This one featured a 4-cyl. Lycoming engine.  The other rare car at the museum was a 1916 Monroe.  It was in the process of restoration.  The Monroe has ties to General Motors with William C. Durant having once served as vice-presidents of the Monroe company.  A little later, our group enjoyed the collection of Harold Cooper.  He had a 1913 REO he had restored from just a chassis and a 1-cyl REO replica car.  His collection also included many gasoline engines, a motorized bicycle, several Cushman scooters, and even a REO firetruck.

On Saturday our first stop was at the Groendyke car collection in Enid.  There were two buildings at this location.  One had a few classic cars along with some later model original and custom cars.  The second building was beyond imagination with 15 V-16 Cadillacs!  All were restored to perfection except one, which was a very nice original that was too good to restore.  We were not allowed to take photos in this museum so you’ll have to take our word that they were all VERY nice!  They showed us one more garage.  It was the one where the restoration work was performed.  They were working on a Duesenberg in that shop as well as a couple of mid-20s Bentley Tourers.

After the Groendyke collection our group drove to Lamont, Oklahoma for lunch.  It was rather windy so many of the tour participants chose to drive with their tops down to eliminate drag and save wear on the top.  After a delicious lunch at the Lamont United Methodist Church, we visited HCCA member Bryan Kugel’s collection on our way back to the motel.  He has some very impressive autos which have participated in many HCCA events around the area.

The last day of the tour featured a run to Pond Creek, Oklahoma.  In that town, we visited the old Henley Hardware where local collector, Marvin Bules, had a private museum of antiques he had collected.  After viewing his collection, we stopped for lunch then went out of town a couple of miles to tour a round barn.  This barn looks old but it was built in 2004.  It is located about 300 ft. west of where the original Chisholm Cattle Trail had crossed.  This trail was used to move cattle from Texas, through Oklahoma Territory, and eventually to the railhead in Abilene, Kansas.  It is estimated 5 million head of cattle traveled this trail from 1867 to 1884.  The round barn has a spiral stairway that goes to the top of the barn for observation of the Oklahoma countryside.  The barn may currently be rented for events.

Thanks to Tom and Dawna Ruggles for a fantastic Fall Tour!

Kimberly and Verne Shirk