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The HCCA 2018 National Tour in Yosemite, CA
2018 National Convention & Tour
April 8-11, 2018

Special thanks to Marilyn Balduff & Carol Hoagland for sharing photos of the Tour
& to Marilyn Balduff for her recap of the Tour
Music from Ennio Morricone

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          Yosemite, California is a beautiful place.  After it rains, the sun comes out and everything sparkles with rainbows mixed in. There are small waterfalls everywhere and of course large waterfalls streaming down the mountain sides.  Add in seventy five horseless carriages traveling the back roads and you have an awesome experience.  Such was the case for the 2018 National Convention.

          The Convention officially started on Sunday afternoon with a meeting of the Marques car show in the parking lot of the Tenaya Hotel.  The cars were parked by their manufacturer.  The Fords were parked with other Fords, the Rolls Royces were parked with the other Rolls Royces, etc.  There were over seventy cars on display and many car owners dressed in the era of their cars.  We had over thirty car marques in attendance such as Abbott-Detroits, Buicks, Bugatti, Cadillacs, Chevrolet, Chalmers-Detroit,  Cole, Columbia, Dodges, EMFs, Fiats,  Flanders, Fords, Hudson, Kissel Kar, Locomobiles, Lozier, Marmon, Mitchells, National, Oaklands, Overlands, Parry, Pierce Arrows, Pullman, Rambler, Rolls Royces, Stearns, Studebaker, Tourist, etc. Lots of people visiting Yosemite stopped and looked at our cars.  The photo shoot was outstanding. 

          In the evening we were treated to light refreshments and a presentation about the Parry automobile from Michael Sullivan and another presentation about the early 1800’s DeDion tricycle from Alan Travis.

          The next day was all about touring.  Our cars visited Yosemite.  Words are not adequate to describe the beauty of this Park after it rains.  The tall trees were covered in water and the sun just made them sparkle like diamonds.  The rivers were overflowing and the white water rapids all through them made viewing great.  Viewing all of this splendor from the seat of a horseless carriage was an awesome experience.

          The following day the horseless carriages went on several mini tours all through the area because parts of Yosemite were still closed due to the recent rains.  In the evening was the final banquet.  Introductions were made for the new Board of Directors and also for past presidents of the Board.  Awards were given for President’s choice car, 1908 Rolls Royce owned by John and Denise Dolan and People’s choice car, 1912 Speedwell owned by Ted and Carol Davis.  The Marian Welch award was given to Gordon McGregor.  Awards were also given to regional group’s newsletter editors and regional groups websites.

          A large thank you goes to Bob Ladd, our new Board President, and Michael Sullivan for creating a great experience to remember in Yosemite for a lot of horseless carriage members.