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2018 Holiday Motor Excursion
December 30, 2018 Tour Builder

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Special thanks to Jim and Donna Diener for sharing
their pictures and story from the Excursion

     It was the beautiful and chilly Sunday morning of December 30, 2018.   At 7am cars ranging from 1900-1932 began arriving at the parking area for our annual Southern California Horseless Carriage Holiday Excursion.  Our new location was in a wonderful parking lot along New York Drive in Pasadena.  To see the array of cars, the owners, the spectators and all the working staff milling about was a sight beyond words.

     At 9:30am all the cars lined up to leave the parking lot and begin the tour.  Spectators lined the sidewalks and many photographers were “clicking away” as these regal and majestic cars rolled by.  We toured through the Altadena area and arrived at Farnsworth Park for our first stop.  There we enjoyed coffee, hot chocolate and donuts.  And most important of all was the conversations, laughter and joy of seeing friends and fellow car enthusiasts.

     From there we drove across the Arroyo Canyon towards JPL.  Crossing back into Pasadena we meandered in the hills above the Rose bowl and down Arroyo Vista. The homes were amazing.   Just when you think you couldn’t see one more beautiful home, we entered into San Marino.  Need I say more?  Then back on the main streets to our lunch stop.

     Our lunch stop took us to The Boat in San Gabriel.  This is a longtime traditional lunch stop for this tour.  Of course there are some of us who chose to go to the Northwood’s Inn, which is right next door to The Boat.  Either way the camaraderie continued.  After lunch we all met at the Burch’s house for desserts.

    There were 151 cars that participated in this event.  We thank all of you for making our yearly Holiday Motor Excursion a memorable event.